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Here's a website that lets you enter in an Amazon url and see where the price has been in the past.  So if you're wanting to buy an electronic item, for instance, you can quickly see if the current price is toward the top or toward the bottom of its historical price trend.  It even lets you enter in an email address to be notified if or when the price gets to a certain point that you choose.
Do you know about Symbaloo?  It's a place where you can keep track of interesting websites that you find.  You can set up mixes for different interests or people.  I have one just for Kyla that has educational websites on it.  You can search for mixes that other people have put together.  Here's one that has a bunch of kids' National Geographics on it.  By clicking on each icon, your child can have the National Geographics read to him.  And here's one that has a bunch of counting and math game websites on it.  Here's one that has short videos of picture books being read by a narrator.

There's a handy little browser extension that you can install so that when you come across a site you want to remember, you can easily attach it to your "board" of bookmarks.  Want a better explanation?  Here's what Google told me:
  1. Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple and fun to organize the best of the web. You have all your favorite websites at your fingertips. With an account you can access your bookmarks from everywhere with any device and share your online resources with others.

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