Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Little Diva

It seems like in the past month, Kyla has gone through a psychosocial growth spurt.  Suddenly, she is full of conversation and Miss Independent, but all at her own discretion.  Tonight, as I rocked her a bit before bed, I decided to ask her about her day.  I asked what she did at daycare today.  She informed me she got to swing at Laura's house.  I asked her what else she did, and she said she played outside with a spoon.  When I asked her who was there today, she could only name Ryan and Ryker.  She could not think of Alexis, McKayla, Taryn, or Kylie.  Apparently, she is chums with the guys.  I asked if she took a nap, and she said no but that Laura napped and the baby napped.  I double checked.  "Did you take a nap?"  "Nope!"  I need to make a deal with Laura:  "I won't believe everything she tells me about you if you don't believe everything she tells you about me!"

When I picked her up, I saw she was in different pants than when I'd taken her there.  I asked her if she wet "Dora," and she informed me that she did indeed do so and that the aforementioned wetting happened in the porch.  Good to know.

She is all about getting into the car by herself and buckling herself into her carseat (the top buckle anyway), walking instead of being carried, taking off and putting on her own clothes, putting her milk into the fridge by herself, and walking up and down the stairs by herself, albeit holding hands with Mom.  However, she has also picked up a new favorite phrase whenever she doesn't want to do any of the above-mentioned items:  "Mama help!"  At least I still feel needed occasionally.  She hasn't asked for the car keys yet, either.

According to, diva is used "to define a person who exudes great style and personality with confidence and expresses their own style and not letting others influence who they are or who they want to be."  Alternatively, "a person whose character makes them stand out from the rest."

So here's a pic of my little diva expressing her own style:

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