Friday, March 20, 2015

Living the Farm Life

Some days, I bemoan the fact that I can't just make a quick trip to Walmart when I realize I ran myself out of brown sugar.  (Most of the time, Bryan can bring home what I need, though he prefers to not have to stop more than once a week.  :) )

We don't go to Story Hour at the library because it's just too far.

When I don't feel like cooking, we eat cereal.  Can't order pizza.

I have some friends who were talking about going to the mall just to be around other people when the walls of the house start to close in.  Nope, can't do that either.

Unless we have a reason to go somewhere (some type of appointment or social gathering), the girls and I really don't get to town.  We even attend a country church, so we don't even see paved streets on Sunday!  (Thankfully we have friends who are just as countrified, so we do get some social interaction now and then!)


Lest you think we don't, we do get out.

Out into the wide, wide spaces.  Where the grass tickles your feet and blue skies stretch untangled for as far as you can see.  Where the only noises are the wind brushing against the tree tops, the birds chattering, and the dog sending up a protest bark when a cow rambles too close to his fence.

What a glorious first day of spring today was.

Flip-flops in March are amazing!

I love Kiahna's expressions here.

I told Kyla to look at this hole in the tree.  She eagerly replied, "Hey!  Kiahna can live in there!" (She loves her sister, so I don't think she actually meant live.)
Sometimes climbing trees involves falling out of trees.  (And that's why I keep my Aflac policy up-to-date!)

She'll grow up to be tough.  That's the second round with a tree today.  The first one wasn't much prettier.

So maybe all of this is a fair trade-off for not having a Walmart down the street or a pizza joint in the neighborhood.


  1. I love it too! Wouldn't trade it! Well said, Heather!

  2. What a fun day! :) Totally worth it! :)

  3. Heather,
    I just loved this blog...reminded me of the blessings of farm life...and knowing how blessed your girls are with life on the farm! it's why I so love our home up north....nature, solitude, clothes on the line...the simplicity of life. Love you and special blessings always! Auntie Judy


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