Monday, February 17, 2014

Pregnant Thinks

I'm not very good at this blogging thing.  I want to do it, but day after day goes by without me sitting down to do it.  My goal is to someday be better.

Here I sit, feeling Baby #3 play ping-pong or some other high intensity sport in there.  Maybe this is why I wake up tired every morning.  This baby is a wild one.  I don't feel old enough to be pregnant with my third child.  In a couple months, life is going to change big-time.  Not only another child, a newborn, and all that goes with it.  I'll be quitting my job to be a full-time Mom.  I am struggling with this a little bit, afraid I won't be able to handle being home all week, every week.  So I'm waiting to see what God has in store for me.

Meanwhile, I am waking up most mornings with memories of the crazy dreams that visited me while I slept.  (Not sure how I have enough time to dream between all the visits to the bathroom, but apparently I do!)  Last night I endured some form of saliva cancer (Is there such a thing?!?) characterized by a swollen tongue.  I also had to face a terrorist attack on a war ship.  I was nearly shot.  The craziest dream recently was one in which my doctor paid me a house amputate my arm.  I was sitting in our easy chair, and my mom was sitting across the room watching.  Doc gave me a shot to numb my arm.  I was moving my fingers and told my doc that I could still feel them.  He said, "Really?"  Then he laughed before saying, "You're really gonna regret feeling this!"  Creepy!!  haha  (Quite sure this dream was inspired by the fact I had just gotten a tetanus shot in that arm a couple days before and must have been sleeping on that side.)

I came across this story recently on Facebook (page entitled "Praying for Marco" currently followed by over 59,000 people) and wanted to highlight it.  On the Monday morning following Thanksgiving, a young man and his wife were returning home from a weekend trip.  When they spotted a suspicious vehicle parked near their house with apparent car trouble.  Marcus, age 25, took his wife to a nearby friend's house and returned to the stalled vehicle to see if he could help.  He had no idea he was about to go home to a burglary in progress.  He called 911 and was able to say that his house was being burglarized and that shots were being fired before the call cut off.  As he was attempting to drive away, he was shot in the back of the head.  He was in the hospital for over two weeks before family made the unimaginably tough decision to turn off the life support. 

The Facebook page update that day said,
Marcus burst into heaven at 12:52 PM. Our loss is so painful,
but we know this was gain for Marcus.

Tears and grief are eased by the gentle hand of God,
holding us, carrying us, wiping our tears.

"As for God, His way is perfect."

That story is notable enough for the incredible tragedy and the sustaining faith.  But it didn't end there.  Marcus's wife, Maryann, was pregnant with their first child when the accident happened.  Marcus was so excited about the upcoming birth of his son, researching what was happening with the baby week by week and talking to his son.

Then, last week, their son was born.  On Valentine's Day.  A perfect gift from Marcus and from God, straight to a grieving widow who has blessed thousands with her open sharing and steadfast faith.

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