Sunday, April 13, 2014

Early Morning Apple Fritters

4:55 a.m.  The last bit of sleep I would see today disappeared, and wakefulness settled in.  This is the third time in about a week that it's happened, so I knew I wasn't likely to go back to sleep.  Baby then decided it was a good time to practice some strange form of ninja yoga.

What's a girl to do with all this extra time?  Make apple fritters, of course.  Made 'em before?  No.  But I'm gonna make 'em today.  It's Palm Sunday, after all.  Palms...trees...apples on trees.  See the connection?

Just finished them up.  Mmmm.  They're pretty wonderful.  There was this baby little, so fresh, still dripping with glaze.  Just begging to be eaten.  I'll try to save a few for the family members who still slumber so oblivious in their beds.

I don't generally have a lot of quiet moments in a day, so these early mornings give me time to think..and drink my delicious cream-laced coffee.  (Obviously not a diet-friendly morning.)  So much about to happen.

Three more days of work at a job that I've really enjoyed for the last five years.  It's exciting because it means I'm very close to the end of this pregnancy.  But it's sad and a bit scary, too.  I feel like I've really had two important jobs these last years:  my job raising kids and keeping a household running and my job at a fairly prestigious law firm.  Now, suddenly, my "purpose," if you will, is being slashed in half.  I'm "just" a stay-at-home mom.  I'll get over it.  I'll find my way.  But standing at the brink is always a bit scary.

Then there's this baby that is stretching me til I nearly pop.  I've been fighting, more or less, to keep him in there since 19 weeks.  Now he's welcome to come out but apparently has decided it's comfortable in there.  I don't blame him.  And suddenly, I'm not quite so ready for him to come out.  Even with the rib pain, the lack of sleep, the tiredness, the constant trips to the bathroom...I kinda like carrying him around.  He can just stay for a couple more weeks.  I'll wake up for the fifth time at 3 a.m. tomorrow morning and realize how crazy I was for thinking this.  But maybe by the time he comes, it will be nice outside again.  (By the way, I'm saying "he" purely hypothetically.)

Speaking of nice outside, it's only going to be in the 40s today.  Yet wearing any type of pants is going to be really un-fun due to the sunburn stretching the length of both legs, hips to toes.  Oops.  Who knew a couple hours of April sun would do that? 

On a really random note, how DOES Kohl's make any money?  I put on a pair of leggings yesterday that I just bought.  I thought about how I should have bought more.  So I decided to maybe order some online.  Regularly $26.  On sale for $10.  I googled for coupons.  30% off brought them down to $7 a pair.  Then another coupon for free shipping has them being delivered to my door with almost no effort on my part.  This is WAY too convenient.

Child #1 is making her way down the stairs.  She her new Minnie Mouse swimming suit. her mama  She follows her nose and runs to the kitchen.  "Mom, what is this?!?"

Time to start the day...for real.

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