Friday, January 16, 2015

A Day Captured

This was yesterday.  These days are slipping away too quickly.  I needed to capture one and preserve it the best way I know how - with lots of pictures.

I get up at 6 as usual and quietly sneak into the bathroom to take a shower without waking Kiahna.  It was the first night I forced her to go all night without eating.  She did pretty well with it.

After I get out of the shower, I have time to get dressed and get my coffee before Kiahna wakes up and insists on nursing.

I get to enjoy my coffee and devotions in relative quiet with only a few interruptions from Kiahna.  The two olders continue to slumber.

After devotions, I sit down at the computer to read some blogs and emails.

It is fully 8:00 before I hear movement from upstairs.  I'm not sure who woke up first, but I can tell that they are both awake.  I pretend I don't hear it until Kyla yells down at 8:15 to tell me that Kamryn is awake.


Upstairs, we pick out clothes and take "jumping" pictures.

When we come downstairs, I put Kiahna down for a nap and tell Kamryn to climb up onto the changing table to get changed.  Obviously, we're not good at throwing away every diaper immediately.  Kamryn takes care of that.

 Kyla wants oatmeal for breakfast and goes into the pantry to collect the ingredients.

While the oatmeal is cooking, they have a spontaneous dancing session.

"Hey Mom, I'm not really getting to like this oatmeal."  "Why not?"  "I think 'cause of the milk."  Yeah, I got a little carried away with the milk today.

While the girls eat, I work on addressing envelopes to mail out birthday invitations.  Is Kyla REALLY almost 5?

That - somehow - leads to working in Kiahna's baby book.  So I fill in missing information and order photos to put in the book.

Kyla's main job for the day is cleaning up her desk area.



She does great at cleaning these days.  Whether it is cleaning the sinks and the tub in the bathrooms, cleaning her toy room, vacuuming, or dusting, she does it very well with little to no complaining.

I am quite sure I JUST washed the girls' clothes.  How is the laundry basket full again?

Kamryn hurts her toe and needs it kissed.  What we don't do to make 2-year-olds happy!

Play activities of the day include painting, toys, outdoors, and a tent.

Miss Kiahna is on the move.  She insists on being in the thick of things at all times.

Since Mama can't get the floor cleaned with a baby on it, it's officially snack time.

And once the older girls come in from outside, it's bath time.

When I take the time to capture a day like this, I can see the miracle of it all so clearly.  These days are gifts.  Although nothing was too out-of-the-ordinary, each and every thing was extraordinary.

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