Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Egg Fun

It was a fun morning coloring Easter eggs at our house.  We tried numerous methods.  My only regret is that I took lots of pictures of eggs and almost no pictures of the Littles who were decorating them!

We had a couple special guests join us via Skype for our fun.  Thanks, Ladies!!

We did eggs rolled in food coloring-sprinkled shaving cream.

We did tie-dye eggs wrapped in vinegar-and-food-coloring-soaked paper towels.

We did Sharpie-colored eggs dripped with rubbing alcohol.

We tried rolling one in dyed rice.

We painted some with baking-soda-and-food-coloring paste and then dripped vinegar over them for "volcano" eggs.

Here's a shot of our shaving cream eggs as they dried.

Here are our final results.  We liked the tie-dye eggs the best, although they were so messy that I was the only one who had a hand in creating those.  The first 4 in the second row are the volcano eggs.  The last one in that row is our rice egg.  The third row is comprised of our shaving cream eggs.  The color didn't take very well.  I'm not sure what I did wrong.  The first 2 in the bottom row are the Sharpie/alcohol eggs, and the last two were dyed in a traditional water-vinegar-food coloring mixture but with some butter added, which was supposed to make them swirly.  We didn't get much swirly effect.

Since I forgot to take pics of the girls decorating, here's one of Kiahna napping for the first time in the "big" crib.  She's been sleeping in her car seat so long I guess she doesn't know how to nap in a crib!

And here's a shot of Kamryn with her strawberry at lunch...just for fun!

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  1. It was wonderful being part of your egg decorating today...truly a special joy....almost like we were there! Beautiful eggs and you had such a nice preparation set-up and the girls were so good!! Love Kiahna's sleep pose. ��. Loved having you join us for recipe and pizza making as well! Special hugs and Easter wishes! Aunt Judy


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