Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Name, Another Try

Second blog.  First was a failure.  I think my expectations were too high.  New title, new blog, new - no, cross that, no expectations. 

This blog will contain nothing but randomness.  Oohey, gooey, chocolate-chippy randomness.  Dirty, stinky socky randomness.  And all things Mommy.  Hopefully all with pictures.

I'm sitting outside right now typing this post as my daughter eats her lunch at her toddler-sized picnic table.  Grilled cheese sandwich, milk, and fresh air!  Our chickens are leisurely strolling by as if their chicken route naturally takes them by our table again and again.  I know better.  They're hoping maybe some of that grilled cheese sandwich will get tossed into the yard at the end of Kyla's meal.  It might.  Did I mention I am also seated at a picnic table built for someone approximately 32" tall?


See?  Chickens...nonchalantly strolling past...

I had to clean our bathrooms today.  My LEAST favorite job of all to, maybe, cleaning my oven.  But I never do that, so that doesn't really count.  I'm always thinking about the possible and likely harmful effects of cleaning products.  I've decided to go all-natural, or as all-natural as possible without venturing into the territory of insanity.  So I use a bottle filled with half water, half vinegar.  I've read that works to clean nearly all surfaces, with the exception of wood floors.  For our wood floors, I ordered a few bottles of essential oils.  8-10 drops in a gallon of warm water, and va-la!  All natural wood floor cleaner!

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