Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Ahh, Morning, how I love you!  Granted, my first view of you can be a little disconcerting.  But...once I'm up...  I wish morning could last all day!  Happy, smiling tots, energetic mommies, the fresh feel of morning all around!  Skip those blah afternoons and scoot right to evenings full of suppers together as a family, snugly fresh-smelling babies who cuddle in your lap for book time, and relaxing moments after kids are asleep.  In fact, I do believe afternoons are the result of man and not God's intention at all.  After all, "...and there was morning and there was evening the first day." (Gen 1:5)

Now we're into the full swing of summer.  At least during the summer, afternoons can be put to good use. 

Picnics and dandelions and water fun!

Taking a break from the water to munch on a cookie.

Last Friday, we went to Sioux Falls in the afternoon.  Bryan had a doctor's appointment, so Kyla and I went along.  While I was loading the Tahoe, I let Kyla wander around the yard.  Pretty soon, I looked over and saw she had found her pool and was IN it with her clothes on!!

Of course, I had to grab a quick picture before I rescued her soggy Highness from the pool.  At least it was only socks and shoes that had to be changed quickly!

While in Sioux Falls, we hit Ribfest.  We went during the late afternoon before it got very busy.  It was pretty windy, but oh the ribs were yummy!!

I had to snap a quick shot of our little Princess with her daddy!

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