Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

As we are all aware, sometimes life doesn't go quite like we plan.  In fact, I guess considering all the variables, we should be surprised when life DOES go as planned.  Unplanned has definitely been a good way to describe this last week.

Bryan and I decided to go on a little get-away before Baby #2 made his or her entrance into this world.  We left Kyla with Bryan's parents and headed for the Hills.  I'd never been apart from Kyla overnight before, so I admit there were a few tears (on my part, not hers.)  We ate breakfast at Wall Drug then drove to Spearfish where we toured a lonely museum.  I say lonely because when we entered, we stood inside the doorway for a good minute or two before the lady asked, "Oh, do you want to tour the museum?"  Then it took another ten minutes to get the computer up and going to process our payment.  And we got there an hour after they opened.  Yes, we're nerds.  We're ok with that.  :)

After the museum, we decided to go take a ride on the 1880 train.  It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed the trip.

We have a lovely prime rib dinner at the Ruby House Restaurant in Keystone that evening.  Then we headed for the Spearfish Canyon Lodge.  The drive was beautiful.  We didn't go through the whole canyon; only as far as was required to reach the Lodge.  We decided we would go through the canyon more thoroughly the next morning.

I had purchased a Keloland Spotlight deal for a night at Spearfish Canyon Lodge.  Also included in the package was breakfast for two at their restaurant.  The Lodge was beautiful.  We arrived about 8:00.  The cutest little black bear greeted us on a stack of soft robes when we entered the room.

We thought about going to the hot tub.  Of course, I can't get into one; but I can put my legs in.  However, we discovered their hot tub was outside on a balcony, and there was no real way to sit (at least half-way comfortably) on the side of the tub.  So we scratched that idea and decided to enjoy a quiet evening watching some TV with no interruptions from a certain 2-year-old.  Apparently people do not go to Spearfish Canyon Lodge to watch TV.  I believe they had 12 channels, and some of them were repeats and infomercial channels.  The picture quality was terrible, so we basically browsed from one station to the next hoping something else would magically appear.  Around 9:30, I went to bed.  I had been extremely tired all day and had been looking forward to going to bed early and sleeping in the next morning.  I had noticed I had been having lots of contractions, but I figured they would go away when I went to bed as they usually do.  That was not the case.  I started timing them about 10:00, and they were 3 minutes apart.  Bryan and I timed them until 11:30, when I finally decided they were just not going to stop.  So we packed up our bags, said good-bye to the unslept-in-beds, unwore robes, and unused breakfast tickets, and checked out.

We set our GPS to get us to "Rapid City Regional Hospital - ER."  When we arrived, the courteous gentleman announced that we were arriving at "hospital-er," pronounced all as one word.  Though the stress was running high, Bryan and I both got a laugh out of that.

I find it somewhat ironic that Mother's Day arrived (in Mountain Time) just as we were arriving at the hospital.  Perhaps that was just appropriate.

I prefer not to dwell on the memories of that hospital stay; so suffice to say after 12 hours of being poked 4 times with needles and having numerous other uncomfortable things done to me with only 2 1/2 hours of very interrupted sleep, I got to leave with a new drinking cup, a prescription, a headache, and strict orders for bedrest.

So here I sit, not moving far from the couch.  I hit the 34-week milestone yesterday, and I only have to be really careful until 36 weeks.  So I don't have far to go.  But 2 weeks is plenty long for someone who has trouble with letting work go undone or having anyone else do it for her!  Guess I probably am supposed to learn some lessons from this!

Mom came late Sunday night and spent two days doing everything I wished she didn't have to do, from laundry to cooking to dishes to mopping to painting the bedroom floor upstairs to unplugging and cleaning our bathtub.  Of course, taking care of Kyla was the biggest job.  And Kyla LOVED having her grandma here.  For the duration, she will be spending her days at daycare.  I'm so thankful to have a wonderful daycare for her.  She loves it there.

At my dr appointment yesterday morning, the ultrasound showed the baby weighing 5 lb 2 oz.  It has dropped, so I guess that explains my new waddle.  The dr actually released me to partial bedrest, saying I can be up some in the mornings and evenings as long as the contractions don't come back like they did.  However, just being up all morning yesterday morning convinced me I can't handle much activity.  Today, also, has been pretty bad with contractions coming as soon as I get up or move too much.  The dr doubled my medication dose today in hopes of slowing the contractions down and did tell me to decrease my activity.  Since I have barely moved off the couch today other than to get Kyla ready this morning and to take a shower, I'm not sure how much more decreasing I can do.  I'll try, though, since I do dearly wish to stay out of the hospital until it is an appropriate time for this little one to make his or her appearance!

Speaking of this little one, we can't wait to find out which outfit he or she will be wearing when we leave the hospital!




All of this will be well worth it when I first get to hold that precious little baby!

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