Monday, May 21, 2012

Class Time

Last night, as I was lounging in my usual spot on the couch while Bryan and I were watching a movie, an ornery fly kept buzzing around me, seemingly intent on driving me to the point of jumping up for a flyswatter (which it eventually did).  I was flapping my arms around wildly trying to shoo it away, and Bryan asked me what was wrong.  I told him there was a stupid fly that would not leave me alone.  He looked over and said, "Well, he's probably looking for something that hasn't moved in a few days and might be dead."  VERY FUNNY.

Well, thank God for the humor he can find in the situation.  On Day 8, I admit I am getting a little anxious for this class to be over.  And I'm sure it is a class, with a number of lessons that I am supposed to learn.  I hope I can ace the final exam so I don't have to re-take the class.  Of course, I cannot and will not complain.  It is a very short class, and many others have to take this particular class over a much longer period of time.  Plus, the reward at the end is going to be so adorably cute!

Speaking of adorably cute, I think we've pretty much settled on names, except for a girl's middle name.  According to, the perfect name if we are having a girl would be Kendra Nicole.  And for a boy?  Colton Wayne.  I don't think we'll be using those names, though they are somewhat more tempting than Kyla's suggestions of "puppy," "baby," "toys," and "house."  So on to another one of the 18,300,000 websites that are generated when I Google "cutest middle names for girls."

One of the things I've realized during this class has been how blessed we are to have such kind people in our lives.  We had four different people bring us meals last week, even after I tried to tell people that we really didn't need anything.  And that was on top of the food Mom cooked while she was here and left for us.  It was such a huge help for me not to have to think about meals for my family.  So, Lesson #1:  Accept what's given graciously, and appreciate it!  I don't like to have to accept other people doing what I feel is my job to do.  But, as Mom reminded me, I need to be a full-time Mommy right now and do what is best for this little baby.

Lesson #2:  Get back to the basics.  Sometimes slowing down is the only way to see what I've been letting slip in my normally fast-paced life.  There's too many things on my list of what to do if I "find" time.  Time isn't found.  Time is made.  Enough said.  Hopefully I can remember this lesson after there's another little person demanding my time.

So that's maybe where Lesson #3 comes in.  Our house doesn't dissolve in heap of dust when the floor doesn't get swept and laundry doesn't get put away.  Who knew?  Although that bird crap on the window?  Yeah, that's gotta go.

Well, the bad part about having all this time to think is having all this time to think.  LOL.  I keep thinking about all I was going to do in the last 6-ish weeks of my pregnancy.  Right now, we can't even get to the infant carseat because it's buried behind so much stuff that was pulled out of the guest bedroom to redecorate it.  One of those projects I was going to have finished by now.  We can't get to the attic to pull out the baby clothes, nor can we reach the baby bathtub or swing.  Bryan said to me yesterday, "Did all that stuff really come out of that bedroom?"  Oh well.  All I can do is laugh, I guess!

When I was in the hospital last week, I desperately prayed, "Please let everything work out okay!"  I wasn't even praying about the big things right then.  It was the little details, like if we got released in the middle of the night, what we were going to do since neither one of us was anywhere near awake enough to drive 2 1/2 hours back to Bryan's parents.  Things that you worry about when you've been awake for nearly 24 hours.  Since then, I've prayed that prayer numerous times as we negotiated the different challenges of me being on bedrest and not being able to take care of Kyla.  I don't think I'm being unimaginative, and I do pray for God's will to be done in all; I just can't begin to imagine how God might choose to make things work.  But He always does!  And it's usually in some way that I had not thought about.  So, Lesson #4:  Let God be God.  He does a much better job of it than I do....MUCH better.

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