Monday, September 15, 2014

Brought to You by the Letter G

Our theme for Week 2 was the Garden of Eden.  Our letter of the week was "g."  We made a Creation Book with one page for each day of the week in which God created the earth.

It was a short school week - we only did 3 days.  So I'm not sure we covered "g" as thoroughly as we did "x" the week before, but that's ok.  We drew g's in colored rice and used pipe cleaners to form them.

We worked on a little math using dice.  The concept seems to come fairly easily to Kyla so far.

An impressive resource I found recently is a free website called that has short videos on it that help kids develop good character and grow in faith.  Each video uses a story from the Bible to illustrate some type of character trait.  They have "Through the Bible" plans set up so that a person can watch the videos in biblical order.  We watched the video that focused on God's creation of the world and talked about using our creativity.  I think we'll try to work in one of these videos each week, if possible.

Kyla started Adventure Club at church this week.  As we were leaving church on Wednesday night, she said, "Mom, that was fun!"  I asked if she wanted to come back next week.  She said, "But after we got done singing, I went into that room to find you and didn't know where you were.  And a little bit of water was in my eyes, which means I was almost going to cry."  We discussed where I had been, and I believe she will be fine from now on.

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