Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and a Tire Swing

Mother's Day morning I heard Kyla get out of bed but then didn't hear anything for a long time.  I figured she went back to bed.  But when she came downstairs, she presented me with a card.  It doesn't matter that it was actually a 5th-birthday birthday card from her grandparents that had a coloring picture on the inside.  She wanted to give me a real card.  So she got up early and very quietly spent a long time coloring the picture so that she could it to me.  It was one of those "I'm gonna save this moment in my mind to smooth over the next time she is goofing around at the table and spills her milk all over the place" moments.

On Saturday night, Bryan went upstairs to "tell the girls goodnight" after I'd put them to bed.  I didn't give any thought to the fact that it took a while until I went up later to put Kiahna to bed.  I stopped into Kyla and Kamryn's room to check on them, and Kamryn told me, "We went out there and colored with markers and colored pencils!"  Kyla quickly said, "Kamryn, don't tell!"  I'm thinking they're trying to get away with something and said, "You'd better tell!  Kamryn, did you get out of bed and color?"  Then Kyla said quietly, "Daddy told us to."  Oh.  I'm getting the picture here and laughed to myself as I made a mental note not to tell Kamryn anything I want kept secret.

So along with the "real" card Kyla gave me, she also presented some cute drawings the kids had made last night with Daddy.

We had a great time at the birthday party on Saturday night.  The kids got to take turns trying to break a pinata.  Except Kamryn.  Not her thing.  The chocolate inside the pinata, though?  That was most definitely her thing.

While at the party, the girls got to take ride on a tire swing.  Of course, by the time we left, Kyla was asking her daddy for one.  Bryan told her he could probably make a swing one day.  "Can you make it on Saturday?" she asked.  I told Bryan, "Well, you did say 'one day.'  She's just picking the day!"  When he pointed out the fact that "today is Saturday," she answered, "Well, can you make it next Saturday?"

She didn't have to wait that long.  Daddy took time off from his fencing project to make a swing for the girls yesterday afternoon.

Of course, any project that he does, he takes seriously.  I looked up and saw this thing-a-ma-jig right through the center of a tree branch.  I asked him where he got that.  "I made it."  Then he went on to say this part came from a field cultivator and this part came from the such-and-such part of a diesel engine and this part came from a ... he lost me.  Anyway, he's a genius.  I'm telling you.

When it was finished, he tested it out for strength.

To say the girls loved it would be an understatement.  They had so much fun.

Happy (late) Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

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