Friday, May 8, 2015

The Walk That Didn't Happen

Yesterday afternoon I told Kyla we could take a walk and look for some more asparagus.  We've really been in asparagus-hunting mode lately.  We had picked everything we could find close to the house in the morning, but I told her we could walk farther and look some more after lunch.

So after lunch, I step outside to go get the stroller out of the storage shed.  I notice it is starting to sprinkle.  So I tell Kyla that it looks like it's going to rain, and we're going to have to wait.  Then I check the radar and realize it's really only a tiny little blip that looks like it's mostly going to miss us.

So I head out the door again.  This time it is really, truly raining.  So I tell Kyla that we have to wait for it to quit raining.

Finally the sun is poking out again, so I head out to get the stroller.  Before we get loaded, Kamryn has to go potty.  We take care of that.  I grab phone, camera, knife, bag, and everything Kiahna needs - toys, pacifier, jacket, and blanket.  

Then I realize I drank a lot of tea for lunch and had better pee before heading out.  Finally we're all loaded.  I push the stroller down the driveway and realize that it's a little chilly.  So I run back to the house and grab 3 jackets, just in case.  I don't want to be a half-mile down the road and realize that we're all cold.

I come back, and we're off again.  I get maybe 30 yards down the road and decide that I just don't have the energy to push the double-stroller down the wet gravel road.  It is way too much work.  So we turn around and head back.  

I decide to get the old double jogging stroller that I grabbed at a garage sale for super cheap but have never really used out of the shed.  It is completely covered in dust and spider webs and is totally gross.

So Kyla and I grab rags and set to cleaning.  In the process, I realize that the straps are completely rotten.  Two of them fall apart during the cleaning process.  

Well.  I guess the baby will not be riding in there unless she is sitting on someone's lap.  This means that Kyla also rides and holds Kiahna.

Finally, we're all loaded once again.  I set off and realize that the tires are basically flat.

So we stop by the shop.  I find the attachment for the air compressor to fill tires and fill all three tires.  I have no idea how full to fill them, but I figure I probably can't mess it up.

So off we finally go down the driveway once again.  At this point, I realize that I didn't bring the jackets along.  I am not heading back.  We can do this!

This stroller - even with all 3 girls and even on wet gravel - pushes very nicely!  Why haven't I been using this all along?

We get approximately to the same place where I turned around with the first stroller when - BAM - a very loud pop makes me jump.

Uh-oh.  We just blew a tire.

Sorry girls.  We are heading home.  I give up.  It wasn't meant to be.

By the time we get home and unloaded and inside, I realize that I really did drink way too much tea and am very grateful that I'm not way down the road.

When Bryan came home, I informed him that I blew a tire in the stroller.  "How did you do that?" he wants to know.  "There wasn't even much air in the tires!"

"Well, I added some air.  I might possibly have added too much."

"Well, I'd say so!"

He went out to do chores and came back in a while later.  He informed me that a good amount of tire pressure in those tires would be about 10 psi.  When he tested the pressure in the tire that hadn't blown up, it maxed out the guage.  

"What does your tire guage max out at?"


Oh.  Oops.

Sometimes that's just the way our days go.

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