Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun...

We had a great time over the weekend visiting friends in ND.  We've known these two couples since college, and this is the 5th year in a row that we've gotten together in the fall.  It's a great tradition, and we all look forward to it every year.  Three kids have joined the six adults, and two more are on the way!  Brooke and Melissa and I were in a little shop with the three kids, and a lady commented, "It feels like a daycare in here!"  Just wait til next year, lady!

The guys did little else besides shoot guns.  They shot over 1000 shotgun shells, plus bullets in their rifles.  That's a lot of shooting!  We women did little bit of shopping, a little swimming, a little cooking, and a lot of visiting.

Kyla cracked everyone up with her, "Okay, Dude!"  That was her trademark phrase over the weekend.  She also started saying "Mmm-hmm" and "Hmm-mmm."  Sunday morning she and I got up before Bryan.  I told her she should go tell Daddy it was time to get up.  She said she would.  She came back downstairs, and our conversation went like this:

"Did you tell Daddy it's time to get up?"
"Did he get up?"

Speaking of Kyla, she just makes us laugh.  Last night Bryan came home, and Kyla took a good look at him.  "Daddy's hair is pretty!"  I took another look and realized he'd gotten a haircut!  Maybe not "pretty" exactly, but nice.  Then tonight she was trying to get Bryan's attention when he was talking to me.  He wasn't listening, so she said, "Bryan!"  Well, she got his attention!  Bryan said, "No, I'm Daddy."  Then after a little bit, he asked, "Who am I, Kyla?"  "Bryan."  "No, that's my name, but who am I to you?"  She thought about that for a little bit, then said, "You're my friend!"

Kamryn is busy rolling over and then getting mad when she ends up on her tummy.  When I discover that she's rolled off her blanket or whatever, I always say, "Kamryn, where are you going?"  Kyla always answers, "To the park, Mommy!"  Or sometimes it's the store.  It's our little joke.

Where was this picture taken?  On our recent camping trip?  Ok, so maybe it's not that great, but I liked it.  Goodness knows I can't do anything nice and simple.  I had no intention of spending that long or putting that much detail into it, but I did have fun making Bryan's birthday cake.  Kyla's bag of treats in the cupboard came in handy!

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