Thursday, February 5, 2015

Take a picture. Save a memory.

Today was a Happy Day at the Bork house.  I didn't have anything pressing that I had to get done.  Cleaned those durn bathrooms yesterday.  (Hate that job.  Don't judge me.)

So I told Kyla that we were going to have a fun day where we could read books, play games, and do whatever else we found that was fun.

I decided to capture it so that Bryan (and any of you who are reading this and care to take a peek into our day) can see what we were up to today.

It (the day, not the fun) started with Kamryn's potty training.  Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to make her sit on the potty chair and play the Kindle for a while, just to help her get over her idea of the Wicked Evil Potty Chair.  After a little over an hour, she actually went!  We celebrated with M & Ms.

So today, I thought we'd do the same thing.  She played the Kindle and drank her milk.

We read books.

"I don't want to!"

Nothing worked.  Finally, I let her get up.  1 out of 2 days isn't bad.  Poor Kyla has a terrible runny nose today, and someone (not naming any names here!) keeps forgetting to buy Kleenex.  I mean, this is getting really bad.  I can't count how many times I've been to the store and have forgotten.  Like a lot.  We are down to only 2 boxes that have any Kleenex left in them in the house.  We normally have at least 7.  So unless we happen to be near one of those outlying Kleenex locations, we're down to using toilet paper, napkins, or whatever is handy.

Gotta buy kleenex.  Gotta. Buy. Kleenex.

While Kamryn had Kindle-on-the-Potty time, Kyla and I put together this super-fantastic puzzle that Farmer Grandma sent her in the mail for her birthday.  (And yes, it is February.  Yes, I know Kyla is wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  It's just how she rolls.)

She learned where Uncle Caleb lives.

And where Aunt Judy and Uncle Steve go during the winter.

This was a fun puzzle for her to put together!  Thanks, Farmer Grandma!

After Kamryn was released, we all went upstairs to see what we could find to do up there.  Kyla and I worked on sounding out words with these fun home-made word family ladders that I got from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

From there, the girls launched into some imaginative play.  I made this cozy little book nook the other day, and this is where they started.

From there, they started running, screaming that they were being chased by a spider!

That led to making human "bridges."

Kyla noticed that Kiahna was eating something and pulled a large rolled-up sticker out of her mouth.  That kid is ALWAYS eating something.  Most of the time it's not edible.  She's going to end up on that show where they interview people who eat couch cushions.

I asked Kyla what they were doing here, and she informed me that they were having a sleep-over.

 Kiahna gets very crabby very quickly when she gets hungry.

Ahh, but milk makes everything better.

"Mom, look how long my arms are getting!"  It's true.  She's shooting right up.

It was time for some cuddle-selfies.  Believe it or not, I took exactly three pictures; and these were the ones I got.

The girls were looking for something to do, so I suggested they make a track for their horses using their markers.  This sounded like a good idea, so they began.

As soon as it was built, Kyla told Kamryn to get her horse and start leading it down the path.  Unfortunately, Kamryn is not coordinated enough to scoot along beside the track without messing it up as she went.

I had to laugh when Kyla jumped to her feet and said in a frustrated tone, "Uhhh, this isn't a good idea at all!"  She disgustedly used her feet to destroy her own creation.

So then we played the Crow Game.  This is not its real name.  I think it's actually called Orchard or something.  The girls love it.  We all play together on one team.  It's us against the crow.  We won.

Time for lunch.  Sometimes we just do an easy snacky lunch when Daddy's not home.  Today it was crackers, cheese, pepperoni, carrots, and ranch.  And fruit for dessert.

Kiahna got prunes.

After lunch, the two littlest took naps.  Kyla and I were going to put together another puzzle, but she ended up being too tired.  She spent a short time sitting on her bed listening to an audio story.

Then we did her reading lesson.  So far, I'm giving this book 2 thumbs up!  We did Lesson 13 today, and she read her first sentence.  She was so excited and can't wait to tell her Daddy when he comes home.

Once we were finished with our reading lesson, Kyla wanted to watch her Bible movie.  She has watched this 2-disc movie many times and loves it.

I actually did do some cleaning this afternoon - swept, mopped, and vacuumed. (So you see, I was not completely lazy this day)  My aunt popped in to drop off a cool book that I can possibly use for Bible curriculum, and we sat down to visit for a bit.  Supper was leftovers for the girls and salads for Bryan and me.  

It was one of those days that was beautiful for its simplicity.  


  1. So inspiring, Heather! I would love to model my days just like this one. What lucky little girls to have you as their Mommy.

  2. Thanks, Dana! I have no doubt you are a wonderful Mommy to your little guys, too!


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