Sunday, July 31, 2011

Amazon Mom

I made a great discovery this week.  Like when I discovered that I could cook bacon in the oven...only better.  You know you're a Mommy when finding a great deal on diapers makes your day!  :)

Of course, I use cloth diapers when we're home, which saves quite.  But I'm not so dedicated to cloth diapering that I use them away from home.  For one reason, Kyla is a petite little girl, and the Fuzzi Bunz give her booty a definite bubble shape.  For another, well...two words.  Toddler poop.

A friend had just told me she orders her diapers and wipes from  So I went online to check it out.  I discovered that by joining Amazon Mom (totally free!) and by signing up for Subscribe and Save (products are automatically sent to you at regular intervals [up to 6 months] unless you tell them not to or change your order), I can get Luvs diapers for 11 cents per diaper (compared to 17 cents/diaper at Wal-Mart)!  Plus, you get FREE 2-day shipping and FREE returns!

There are other perks as well.  By signing up for Amazon Mom, you are automatically enrolled in Amazon Prime for 3 months.  For every $25 of baby stuff you buy, you get another month, up to a total of 12.  With Amazon Prime, you get FREE 2-day shipping on every order, regardless of what you order or how much it is.

Told ya.  It's a great deal.

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