Friday, July 22, 2011

New Beginnings

Today is a day of new beginnings, happier days. 

At my doctor appointment yesterday, the doctor was able to do a procedure to remove the remaining tissue.  This means no surgery and no more waiting.  It was a huge relief to be done; but, rather unexpectedly, it was a very sad day.  It was the end.  I already knew the life within me was gone, but it was the final good-bye to a beautiful dream.

Today, however, was a new beginning.  I just took my final dose of medication.  Now it is time to let time and God take over the healing process, both of my body and my emotions.

I spent a good share of the day today with my aunt Kathy.  We hit a big estate sale at an acreage in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  The coolest part was walking through the old house.  The smell instantly brought to mind my grandparents' old farm house.  They moved from there when I was 6.  I didn't even know I could remember a certain smell.  The house was a piece of history.

We made a trip to Mitchell, mainly so Kathy could purchase some paint.  I bought a life jacket for Kyla so we can go boating with our friends, the Schocks, tonight.  We ate lunch at Culvers and got iced Chais before we left town.  We always have great conversations and challenge each other on many points.

Today is a day of letting the healing begin, and replacing the sadness with joy.  I am looking forward with anticipation to whatever is in the future.  Lord willing, a healthy baby will be part of that future.

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