Thursday, July 28, 2011


One of Kyla's new favorite words is "Bubbles!"  She spots bubbles everywhere...on my hands when I am giving her a bath, at the top of the grape juice in the pitcher, in the soapy dishwater, and many, many other ways.  So when I saw a little toy for making bubbles today, I had to get it for her.


I think "Bubbles" replaced "Puppy" for her most-spoken word today!  And that's saying something!!

On Saturday, we took Kyla's pacifier away.  What a mean Mommy I am, taking away her bestest friend like that!  She's done great during the day and in the car, for the most part.  But boy, oh boy, nights have been bad!  For the first few nights, she cried for a good hour or more before eventually falling asleep.  Tonight, finally, she went to sleep with barely a peep!  Yay!

Me, being the mean Mommy I am, checked on her the other night about 1:00 in the morning.  I had to get my camera and return to her room on tip-toes to capture the way she was sleeping, sippie cup and all.  :)

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