Friday, March 16, 2012

Big Sister-to-be and Mommy in Training!

What a gorgeous day!!  I worked half the day, then picked up Kyla at daycare, got a few snacks, and went to a park to play.  She enjoys everything, but her favorite things are the slides.  Up and down, over and over!

When we got home, she was ready to crash for a nap.  After naptime, she was ready to head back out into the beautiful day!  On one of our trips out to see the sheep and the cows, Kyla had to take her baby out with her.  She carefully cradled her baby all the way out there and then showed the animals to her baby.  Just couldn't resist posting a few of the pics I took.

After we came back inside, it was Play-Dough time.  Baby got to be a part of that as well!

This little girl is ready for a little brother or sister, that's for sure!!  Last night as we were rocking, I put her hand on my tummy; and she got to feel the baby kick.  Her eyes got big as she looked up at me.  I asked her if she felt the baby kick, and she kept saying, "Baby kick!  Baby kick!"

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