Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Last 6 Months

I didn't intentionally take a six-month leave of absence from my blog.  One week of not writing led to a month which led to six.  Obviously, I do not qualify as a dedicated blogger.  Here's to doing better!

Everyone who reads this knows all the big news from the past half-year.  Kyla's a two-year-old now, and her baby brother or sister is only a few short months from meeting her. 

Kyla had a lot of fun at her birthday party.  One of my favorite pics from the day is of Kyla and her Grandma Bork playing dress-up after the party.

So just a couple weeks ago, this was how Kyla and I spent our time outside.

And now?  70 degree weather in March!  I think everyone's spirits are floating a few yards higher these days.  Sitting at work was so nice today with the door wide open and the beautiful fresh air coming in.  Kyla and I made a fast stop at a park after I picked her up from daycare so that she could go down the slide a few times.
Another sign that spring is just around the corner is all the babies running around our place...baby cows and baby sheep!  We have ten heifers that have either calved or about to calve.  We are also temporarily home to about 100 ewes and their 140 lambs.  Kyla loves to go look at the cows and the sheep.

Kyla's cute comment of the day was when we drove into the John Deere lot this evening to pick up Bryan from work, she said, "Tractor broke.  Daddy fix."  :)

Ok, off to bed for me.  My poor tired husband who has already lost enough sleep this week trying to assist in the delivery of his calves is now on a fire call and may be there a while yet.  But one of us has got to sleep, right?  And I'm sleeping for two these days...

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