Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy's Ready, Little One!

Now that I'm cleared to have this baby, I just want him or her to get here!!  However, there are still things I want to accomplish before Baby comes, so I've been busy getting lots done.  The new mini pack-n-play/bassinett arrived, and we got that set up.  Of course, it's main purpose is to be to keep Little One out of reach from Big One.  It took all of 30 seconds for Big One to run to the bathroom and grab her stool out so she can reach inside the bassinett!  Kyla's baby has the place of honor in the new "baby bed" for now.  Kyla still believes there to be a baby in her tummy, though she is now talking to my baby a bit more.  She also gives it kisses.  If asked, she will tell you, "Doctor get baby out!"

Big One is not always so perky, though.  A nasty bite of some sort gave Mommy and Daddy some good cuddle time for a day or so.  Of course, Benadryl may have played a part in that.  Her poor eye was swollen completely shut for two days.

Kyla is sure Mommy's big helper these days.  A spurt of nesting set me to scrubbing things that haven't been scrubbed since...well, maybe ever.  Kyla was not about to be left out of the fun!

I dug out all the Fuzzy Bunz diapers and got those re-sized to fit a newborn baby butt.  A soon-again-to-be-familiar site for our neighbors was hanging on our clothes line Saturday afternoon.

Once we got those jobs out of the way, it was time for some much-needed time in the sun!  I dug Kyla's pool out of the shed and went in the house to get a rag to scrub it clean.  When I came back outside, a couple articles of clothing were lying on the lawn.  Kyla was SO excited to get in!

She enjoys her pool much more this year than last year.  She played for hours, even eating out by the pool.  She even got her Mommy in the pool yesterday.  I won't post a pic of that, as I'm sure no one wants to see this very preggo Mommy in a bathing suit!

Yesterday was Kyla's first day of Sunday School!  I asked the teacher if she was good, and I heard, "Of course she was good!"  Hmm...not sure how much I believe that.  I had just said that morning that I'm pretty sure Kyla is one of those kids who is going to go to kindergarten and come home with a report card that says, "Talks too much."

Here's a last pic of my silly little girl.  Can't believe I'm about to have two children of whom to post pictures on here!

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