Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adjusting to Two

Our precious little bundle (the newer one of the two, that is) is now 6 days old!  Today is my first day at home since she was born, and it really feels like I just had a baby.  It's nearly noon, and I haven't even showered yet.  The bed isn't made.  Last night's dishes aren't washed.  There's a pile of towels on the floor that need to be folded or hung.  And I'm not even stressed about it!  Bryan would tell me I'm making progress!
Kamryn apparently has a lot of tummy troubles at night and likes to be cuddled when she isn't feeling well...or something.  At any rate, she didn't allow me much sleep other than a short half-hour snooze before 3 am.  I had a headache that continued to build as the night wore on.  It's still in place this morning, but at least Kamryn is no longer getting mad every time I lay her down.

So, going back to the continuing saga of Kamryn Joy.  Here she was, all ready to leave the hospital!
We arrived home on Friday afternoon after picking up Kyla from my aunt's house.  I was talking to her on the way home and asked if she wanted a cookie when we got home.  She said, "No cookie!  Play with baby!"  She was ready to make friends with this new little person.  One problem:  she thought baby should play toys and walk as soon as we got home!

I'm afraid Kamryn wasn't as enthused about playing with "baby toys" as was her big sister. 

I had to wake Kamryn to eat during her first night at home.  What a good baby! 
I was doing great on Saturday.  Only 16 hours after arriving home from the hospital, Bryan and I packed up our girls and headed to Winner for the day.  After we were in the vehicle and headed south, Bryan said, "I'm proud of you."  I asked, "Why?"  "Because you left the house a mess!"  LOL.  I'm grateful to have a husband who looks at it that way!

Bryan's mom and grandma met us in Winner so that they could meet Kamryn.

We captured a 4-generation shot ...

... and our first family picture!
Then we went to a wedding reception at the park for a good friend from high school.  It was great to catch up with a lot of my high school friends.  I heard everything from "You're crazy!" to the more complimentary, "You're amazing!" in regard to my bringing a 3-day-old baby all that way.
We arrived home fairly exhausted but otherwise great.
Sunday morning, I dressed Kamryn in her pretty little dress for church.

Big Sister and Little Sister on Kamryn's first Sunday.

Yesterday, Bryan headed off to work; and I had my first day alone with the two girls.  Kamryn apparently didn't like what she'd had to eat the night before and had kept me up from 11-2 the night before.  So I started the day pretty tired.  She had her first doctor visit at 1:30.  Of course it would be right in the middle of Kyla's nap time!

We got to town about 15 minutes early, and I needed to return an item at Kmart.  I figured I had time to do that before going to the clinic.  Kyla had just fallen asleep, so I had to wake her up.  I finally got her out of the Tahoe, but she immediately decided she did not want to go in the store.  She climbed back inside and laid on the floor crying.  I begged and pleaded and bribed a treat before finally convincing her to get back out and go inside.  Once she was out, I got Kamryn out; and we headed inside.  We made it about half way to the door before Kyla decided she was not going any further without being carried.  Already carrying Kamryn in her car seat and my purse, there was no way I could also carry Kyla.  I'm not even supposed to lift her, let alone carry her.  At any rate, we stood there in the middle of the parking lot for several minutes, Kyla screaming and me resorting to every begging and pleading method I could think of.  Finally, I checked the time and realized I no longer had time to go into the store.  So I told her we could go back to the vehicle.  Then she changed her mind and screamed because she wasn't going to get a treat in the store.  Finally I had to leave her where she was and take Kamryn back to the vehicle.  I returned for Kyla and picked her up, kicking and screaming, and carried her to her car seat where I had to fight every ounce of her little body to get her buckled.

Frazzled, I drove to the clinic.  By then, Kyla had calmed down.  I went to get her out of the car seat and could not find her shoes.  That's when I remembered her kicking them off in the Kmart parking lot.  Too late to go back there now!  So, Kyla had to go into the clinic with no shoes.  At this point, I was very near tears myself.  When we got into the clinic, I had to fill out all the paperwork for Kamryn...paperwork that they gave me in the hospital and that I had already completed...and left at home.  Once in the examination room, I realized that the purse I'd left in the car to cut back on things to carry contained my camera...so no 1st-doctor-visit photos for Kamryn!  The doctor mentioned something about me bringing both girls out, and I noted that we were already down two shoes.  She laughed and said that I would soon discover that as long as I got all the bodies to the right place, I was doing good.  Next, Kamryn had to go to the hospital to get blood drawn, so off we went, my little shoeless toddler in tow.  Amazingly, when we went back to Kmart and inquired within, someone had turned in two little ladybug flip flops.
We hit ShopKo next with no real disasters.  Our last stop was Walgreen's.  They had cereal and milk on sale.  They don't have carts.  I carried Kamryn and my purse with one arm, which left one arm open for 3 boxes and 1 bag of cereal and a gallon of milk.  Not going to happen.  I asked Kyla if she could hold 2 boxes of cereal.  She willingly agreed, then left them lying in the middle of the floor and ran off.  Again, totally frazzled, I eventually got half of my items to the front counter, left them, and returned for the other half.  Meanwhile, Kyla is running the length of the store at will.  She even got yelled at by one fatherly figure who told her to "Stay with your mommy!!"  Ugh...can you tell I'm new at this?
When we got home, I counted bodies.  3.  All living and breathing.  We made it!

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