Sunday, June 10, 2012

LOVE weekends like this!

It's been a GREAT weekend.   I'm too tired to write many words; but if pictures are truly worth 1000 words, then I guess this will be a long post.  :)

Kyla and I went rummaging early Saturday morning.  I found A LOT of clothes, which was truly a blessing!  My best find was at the last stop.  They had a special going:  $3 for a grocery sack of items.  I stuffed everything you see in the above picture into one sack.  38 items!!  When I couldn't find anything more for Kyla, I picked up some baby boy clothes, just in case, since we obviously have lots of baby girl clothes.  Thank you, God, for rummage sale deals!

Saturday afternoon, Kyla and I went down to my good friend Desiree's house so that Kyla and Lexi could play in Lexi's new water toy.  The water was cold, but they had a BLAST!

Des and I sat close enough to put our feet in the water, which was enough for us!  The girls sure played hard and had so much fun together.

Kyla must have been worn out; she napped for nearly 4 hours this afternoon.  I finally woke her up at 5:00!  By then, she was ready to go back outside.  So Daddy built us a nice little bonfire, and Kyla enjoyed many a tasty roasted marshmallow!

It was such a beautiful evening and a great end to a wonderful weekend!  Thanks, Daddy, for building a bonfire for us!!

And now I wonder, by this time next week, will there be another little person in the house??

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