Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cows and Horses and Elephants

So it was off to the rodeo last night!  Kyla was so excited!  We were talking about it in the afternoon, and I asked her what kind of animals she was going to see there.  "Cows!  Horses!  Elephants!"  Sorry, elephants.

We met Bryan when he got off work and went to get ice cream.

The rodeo was really a lot of fun!  The weather was delightful, despite my fear that we were going to roast.  A nice breeze blew through the stands.

We were very fortunate to sit by our awesome neighbors, Harley and Ronda, who were sitting in the 3rd row.  Good thing they had some seats by them and were watching for us.  We didn't get there until right at starting time, and the stands were packed!  Ronda helped with both girls throughout the rodeo.  Their son had even gotten us free tickets.  (Did I mention awesome neighbors?)

Kyla didn't get to go join the older kids out in the arena for the candy scramble, but the candy fairies delivered candy to the small children sitting in the stands.  Kyla got well-sugared-up!

Kamryn hung out and pretty much ignored the whole affair.  (Bryan's face looks that way because he was eating sunflower seeds.  See, makes sense now, huh?)

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