Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daily Adventures

Ahh, a moment of quiet around here!  Kyla's asleep; Kamryn's awake but not crying (which will probably change before I get this posted), and I'm finally sitting down to a nice lunch of BBQ pork, coleslaw, and baked beans.

We were on our way to church this morning when I happened to look in the visor mirror.  Ugh!  I forgot to put on makeup today!!  Haha.  Let's hope it really is true that when you've got a baby, everyone just looks at her and doesn't really notice you.  On the up side, we were on time and even early.  We were all dressed and had shoes on, although Kyla's were on the wrong feet.  I made waffles for breakfast, and Kamryn was also fed.  Our bed was made, and the table was cleared.  Ok, so not so bad, maybe.  Who needs makeup?

It's funny how things change once again with a new little one in the house.  4 weeks ago, my days off consisted of me getting up at 5:30 and walking 3 miles before Bryan left for work.  (I'm not usually that ambitious...just when I'm trying to pop.)  These days, (except for today when I made myself get up early to make breakfast and try not to be rushed) I'm usually silently begging Kyla to sleep or at least not scream loud enough to wake me until...well, a lot later than 5:30! Of course, my nights are a bit choppy right now.  Kamryn is an excellent sleeper once she gets to sleep.  She's been sleeping 6 hours straight!  But...I can't go that long, so I'm up to pump once in that time.  Then I'm up to feed her a little later....and sometimes a little later after that.  And it seems I can never get to bed at night at a decent time.  I was having trouble getting Kamryn to go to sleep at night and be sound enough asleep that she wouldn't wake right back up when I put her to bed.  Then I discovered that if I put her in her vibrating bouncy seat and play ocean waves on the computer, she goes right to sleep and is out a sleeping baby should be! 

On Friday, I was talking to a nurse at my doctor's office about a problem I'm having with nursing.  I'd been on antibiotics for several days, and finally they decided they needed to see me.  The nurse asked, "Can you be here by 12:30?"  I looked at the clock.  It was right at 12:00.  No, I cannot.  I live 35 miles out of town.  "Well maybe by 12:45?"  Hmm...I can try.  I had a pizza in the oven for Kyla's and my lunch.  It was rush upstairs and change Kyla's clothes.  Rush downstairs and change Kamryn's diaper and clothes.  Rush into my room and change my clothes and run a brush through my hair.  (Thankfully that was one of the days I'd gotten my shower in before noon and had actually put on makeup!)  Get the pizza out of the oven and slice it.  Grab plates and napkins.  Bib Kyla.  Put Kamryn in her car seat.  Fill water cups to take.  Put Kyla in her car seat.  Load Kamryn.  And we're off!  I pulled into the parking lot at 12:53.  Not bad, all things considered.  And Kyla did very well with pizza in the car, which she considered a grand adventure.

We were sitting in the examination room, and the PA was examining me.  Kyla decided to dig through my purse for a fruit snack.  What she pulled out...was a sanitary pad.  One of those lovely postpartum things.  "Umm...Kyla...that's not a snack, Honey.  Put that back in Mommy's purse."  The PA just laughed.  But, hey, at least Kyla had shoes on this time!

We stopped at Wal-Mart to get my prescription and pick up a few other things.  (The pharmacy was so slow that I left without even getting my prescription!  Bryan got put in charge of getting it later.)  I went through self check-out and paid and was pushing my cart full of girls out past the cashier in charge of the self check-out lanes.  Pointing, she said, "Ma'am, I think you have one more bag there that you forgot."  Oh, you're so kind.  Aloud and sheepishly, I replied, "That's my only bag."

Yesterday was an adventure of a different kind.  The day started with a ringing phone shortly before 5.  Immediately, my mind went to all sorts of reasons that the phone might ring at 4:51 a.m.  Bryan answered and was pretty calm, so I figured everything was ok.  I heard him ask, "What time did he escape?  Okay." escapee?...Interesting...  "And how tall is he?"  How tall is he?  What, if he's less than your 6'2", you figure you can take him?"  Later Bryan said, "I don't know why I asked that."  LOL.  Aside from that, I thought him pretty calm and coherent...much more coherent than he is when I try to wake him at a decent hour any other time.  At any rate, the Sheriff or deputy did not know how tall he was.  Just that "he's Mexican, so kinda shortish." 

So it turns out that there was a van full of prisoners (13, to be exact) that were being transported from Florida to Nebraska.  Somehow (and I've not yet figured this one out), they ended up at the gas station at the Spencer exit on the interstate.  My question is, how do you miss Nebraska?  I could see missing Rhode Island or Delaware or maybe even New Hampshire.  But Nebraska?  It's an awfully big state!  Anywhoo, there were 2 guards.  One was asleep.  The other one got tired and decided to get something to drink.  The story goes that he did not wake up the sleeping guard before leaving him with 13 prisoners.  One smart guy decided to take advantage of the situation.  I love the comment some guy left on KSFY's website.  "Wasn't he fully shackled?...that's a good trick.  Also, how did he manage to get even 3 feet away?  He would have been hopping."  I'm just imagining him saying to the other 12, "Well, it's been a fun trip!  Enjoy your time in prison!"  And the other ones just say, "Yeah, he's leaving.  But you know, I think we'll just sit tight for right now."

So this convicted sex offender (yes!  Not just a petty criminal!) somehow flees the gas station and manages to elude all efforts to find him.  There were helicopters and thermal imaging and lots of officers combing the area, but apparently he vanished.  Hopefully, he hopped (insert mental picture of shackled prisoner "hopping") on some truck and is long gone.  It's the "what if he isn't long gone?" that is a little freaky.  Right away, I made Bryan give me a quick refresher course on using one of his guns...hey, it's not like I shoot it every day!  He had to work, so it was the girls and I at home.  We did decide to go join Desiree who was also home alone with her 2 little girls..and her 2 guns.  While we were getting ready, I was keeping that gun mighty handy.  And when we got home, I explored every room and closet of the house, gun in hand, before letting the girs come all the way into the house.  LOL.  Ok, so maybe I was just a little extra cautious.  Then I locked both doors and put a chair under the door handle of the inside door.  (Did I mention cautious?)  When Bryan got home, he unlocked the doors, but he still couldn't open the door!  He was pretty surprised that the chair worked that well.  Ha!  It may look ridiculous, but it worked, didn't it?  Ok, so a window would probably be easier.  But I'll not let my thoughts roam that direction.

On a prettier thought, I love watching my little girls be sisters.  When Kamryn is crying and Kyla rushes to her side and starts singing "Twinkle Star," it just melts my heart.  Kyla is also really good about finding Kamryn's pacifier and giving it to her.  She just LOVES to help change Kamryn's diaper or give Kamryn a bath.  When she gets up in the morning or from nap and comes downstairs, she nearly always asks right away, "Mommy, baby at?"  The funny thing is, she certainly knows Kamryn's name and will defend it to us!  If Bryan calls Kamryn something like "Sweetie Pie" or one of the myriad of names he calls his girls, Kyla will right away correct him.  "No, Daddy!  Kamryn!"  Or if Bryan tells Kyla something like, "You're such a big girl!", she will say, "No, Daddy!  Tyla!" 

My little peanut is getting big!  She's losing her newborn look.  Sad!  :'(  But I guess she's still a ways from "all growed up."

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