Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Clean Routine

So I referenced it a week or so ago in a post.  Swish n Swipe.  Shine your sink.  These are lessons I learned from the Fly Lady's website.  (

It's a great place to go if you're interested in being more organized and blessing your family with a clean house.

I get the Fly Lady's daily emails and have been getting them for quite a long time.  I always just deleted them.  Finally, one day a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting here and saw that email and thought, "I really need to unsubscribe from those emails.  I never read them."  So I opened the email to find the little "unsubscribe" link at the bottom.  There's a reason they put those links at the bottom.  That's right.  I had to scroll aallll the way through the email to get to it.  But I got sidetracked.  Something caught my eye.  I started reading.  Before I knew it, I was back to being a Flybaby wannabe.

Her stuff just makes sense.  It's easy.  It's not fancy.  It's plain and simple.  Plus I'm training two future homemakers.  I've got to set a good example.

Rule #1:  Shine your sink every night before bed.  This means do the dishes.  Dry them.  Put them away.  Shine your sink.  Use just a washcloth or a paper towel or whatever.  I've been trying to do this and have been fairly faithful at it.  It's a good feeling to get up in the morning (or, if you're like me and do weird things at 2am like pump, in the middle of the night) and see that your sink is all clean and sparkly and ready for a new day.  Nothing hanging over your head to greet you when you get up in the morning.  And if someone happens to drop by unexpectedly first thing in the morning (Sometimes this happens, and I'm still in my jammies.  Don't be like me.), you will not be ashamed of your sink!

There are many other rules.  I've not tried to do all of them.  I'm not going for perfection here.

But I have subscribed to the Swish n Swipe theory.  It's very simple.  Every morning, when you get done in the bathroom, swish and swipe.  Basically, just clean up.  Run a rag or whatever over your sink, tub, and toilet.  Just clean it up.  It seriously only takes a couple of minutes.  You don't need to dig out supplies for this quick clean-up.  This is the key.  If I have to dig out supplies, I consider it a weekly chore.  That won't happen every day.  So I use a baby wipe.  Goodness knows we've got plenty of those around here these days!  And they're pretty tough.  I keep a pack of them in the cupboard in both bathrooms so they are easy to grab.  Next thing to remember: soap is soap.  Really.  So if I'm not in the mood to get out my Norwex stuff, I just dab a bit of hand soap (which I figure has to be pretty non-toxic) onto the baby wipe, wet it, squeeze it, and swish.  And swipe.  Run it over everything, especially the problems spots.  Easy peasy.  I also grab my Norwex window cloth, which I've conveniently hung in my small bathroom and wet it a bit, wipe off the mirrors, and wipe it dry with the same cloth.  Done.

Now, if your mother-in-law calls one morning before work and says she's going to stop in after you get home, you have a clean bathroom.  And a shiny sink!

One day I introduced Kyla to the Swish n Swipe.  The next day without any prompting from me, she excitedly asked if we were going to swish and swipe.  She loves to swish and swipe and asks to do it every day.

Speaking of good routines...

Yes, she stayed in her jammies all day.  She wasn't feeling the best and didn't want to get dressed.  Don't worry.  Her mama didn't follow suit.

Now, off to shine my sink before bed!

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