Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We've Really Got to Stop Meeting Like This

It seems like the only time I blog anymore is after hours.  After the hours that I should be awake, that is. 

In other words, I should be sleeping right now.  I'd really like it if I were.

A couple of days ago, while I was getting dressed, Kyla pointed at my tummy and said, "Another Kamryn in there?"  I said, "Do you want another Kamryn?"  "Out later!" was her emphatic answer.  Good plan.  I think one is quite enough for the moment.

Last night I was patiently trying to rid myself of a painful plugged milk duct by using a hot washcloth...while sitting in the bathtub beside Kyla with Kamryn on my lap.  The things you won't try for pain relief.  Kyla, as always, was observing everything intently.  "That hurt?"  "Yes, that hurts."  "Kamryn bite you?"

Kyla made a big achievement this weekend.  She went poop in the potty chair.  3 times!!  Yay for Kyla!!  I had told her the morning before as I was changing her diaper when she got up that she really needed to start going poop in the potty chair.  "Later.  Later maybe."  In other words, no promises, Mom.  But later came faster than I thought it would!

We had company over for supper on Saturday night.  Kyla and Lexi got to eat tacos at the picnic table.

Kamryn and Addi weren't so lucky.  (You can see how Kamryn was trying to initiate a conversation and how Addi was rudely ignoring her.)

Later Kyla and Lexi read books while the adults visited.  (This shot was taken before they had fun taking ALL the books off the shelves.)

And now for a picture of Happy Kamryn.

And Not-So-Happy Kamryn.

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