Monday, February 16, 2015

401ks, Tears, and a White Board

On Saturday I was sitting at the table eating breakfast when Bryan arrived home from early-morning men's Bible study.

He mentioned to me that he thought I should consolidate my 401k accounts (from different jobs) so that all my retirement money (sounds like a lot!  It's an itty-bitty-bit) is in one place.

My response?  I started bawling.  "I just don't know what to do!"

He was flabbergasted.  Blown. Away.  What?  Are you sentimentally attached to these accounts?

Then, "Are you sure there's nothing else wrong?"

Hmm.  I thought about it.  This over-the-top emotional response was a little much, even for me, who tends to be a little emotional.  It might be acceptable if I were pregnant.  But I'm not.

So I started to think.  It finally came to me.  I haven't had a break in far too long.  A conversation with someone who doesn't share my last name?  Way too many days.  Apparently, that is really hard on this go-go-go mama.

I knew it would be hard, but these long winter days can be a killer.  It has been weeks since I've had a break longer than an hour (and by that I mean, they're-in-the-nursery-while-I-go-to-church-type-of-break) from the kids.  Even the older kids.  And I've been seeing these four walls day-in-and-day-out this week.  It's been too cold to be outside.  Even the kids, who do venture out, stay out only briefly before they're back inside, ready for Round 3 With Mom's Nerves.

So my very kind husband asked what we could do to correct this situation.  He offered to watch the kids so I could go out and do something.  I couldn't even think of anything to do.  He offered to help me with a project.  So I thought about how I'd been wanting to figure out something to use for a big white board in our school space that I've been busy putting together.  I mentioned it to him, and he suggested we head to town, go to Menards, and then find lunch in town before coming home.

"OH, would you?"

Ahhh.  Breathe it in.  I get to GET OUT.

It was lovely.  I was delighted that no one knew what we were looking for and we got sent to all five corners of the store before we figured out what we were going to buy.  Menards was never so much fun.

I got my white board.  And Bryan got his wife back.

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