Sunday, February 15, 2015

If I Call, Will You Answer?

Will you turn away from the husband with a thought in his eyes?  Will you miss the smile from a chubby-cheeked baby?  

If I call, will you answer?

Will you say "Just a minute, honey," when your child calls your name?  Will you fail to notice the way she looks back at you, for approval, when she builds that tall, tall tower?

If I call, will you answer?

Will you let go of her hand because I'm more important?  Will you take your eyes off of his because you just have to know?  Will they grow old with the feeling that you loved me the most?

If I call, will you answer?

Will you drift out of conversation if I silently motion?  Will others in the room see you watching me?  Will they feel less important?

If I call, will you answer?

Will your memories be blurry because you weren't really watching?  

My name is Facebook, and I am calling.

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